WoW Mobiles Review

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

WoW Mobiles is a subsidiary Of Liberty International. Liberty is a solid company which has been in business for the past ten years. Robert Jeffery is the owner of Liberty International. He has coined the phrase, “Sign up three get yours for FREE”

With any of the products Liberty carries that phrase comes into play. So anyone can have a chance to get their products absolutely free of cost month in and month out.

With that phrase in mind is how they come up with there philosophy as a company to make their Independent Representatives DREAMS come true. By duplicating the system of everyone signing up three to get your product for free has helped many Independent Business Owners build residual income to achieve there FREEDOM.

WoW Mobiles is just now coming alive on the Internet and in the regular marketing arenas. The WoW Mobiless Unlimited everything plan for $89.95 per month is a no brainier. With this plan you get unlimited anytime calls to all of the United States including Puerto Rico.

The BIGGEST new feature the WoW Mobiles phones offer is the ability to TETHER from your phone wireless to any computer in your vicinity. Think of what that will save you in a years time! You can get rid of your cable internet connection or your wireless card connections! That adds up to a lot more that $89.95 a month for most households in the United States.

Let us not forget the fact of if you sign up three people for any of the WoW Mobiles services you will not have a bill for your phone and Internet anymore!

WoW Mobiles makes it easy, there is NO Deposits,Contracts or Credit checks. What other cell phone company offers those conditions to you?

At this time there are three different styles of phones that you can purchase.

The GOOGLE G1 Android comes with a 528MHZ processor,Android Operating System and 256 MB of Rom Memory. The G1 list for $399.00 with absolutely no contract for life.

The GOOGLE G2 comes with the track ball control device, slide out 5 row keyboard and G.P.S. navigation capability with GOOGLE maps. The GOOGLE G2 ″MY TOUCH” comes with blue tooth 2.0 enhanced data and a built in microphone and speakers. The G2 list for $399.00 with absolutely no contract.

Last but not least which has not been released as I am writing this is the H.T.C. Touch Pro 2. The Pro 2 comes with a 3.2 mega pixel color camera with auto focus. The processor is a 528 M.H.Z. operating system with windows mobile 6.1 professional. At this time there is no price but it will not come with a contract either.

All of these phones have the tethering feature that will change the way we look at going wireless.

In summary, WoW Mobiles is going to be one of those companies that come along once in awhile that changes the way everyone does something. The business side of WoW Mobiles is out of this world. WoW Mobiles is either you become a business representative or you will become a customer. It will be a choice that some will make and some will not!

Just remember live life to the fullest but most of all have fun while you are doing it.